MOSES - Night People - 9th March 2019

3rd April 2019

Down in a basement on Princess Street lies Night People, one of the best places to find the new and upcoming talents of the industry and on Saturday I was treated to just that. Moses, a hot new band from London, as well as Callow Youth and The C33s, both from Manchester. I did like how despite being from London they had two promising young Manchester bands to support, good touch. It seemed I had a great night of new music waiting for me.

MOSES - Night People - 9th March 2019

Up first were Callow Youth, a youthful outfit of local lads who brought with them a setlist filled with some impressive melodies and sharp drumming. Their new single ‘Did it really matter?’ stood out amongst the bunch, an anthematic tune that demonstrates how much more these lads have to give. The guys didn’t let a broken string faze them either, filling out the switch with some banter with the crowd. Seem like a great bunch and I can’t wait to hear what they put out next.

Next, The C33s who brought with them a punky drive and a lot of noise, whilst this noise did occasionally drown out the vocals, the music was filled with punchy bass lines and some great supplementary guitar licks. They did however, bring with them some very passionate fans who were causing disorder in front of the stage, the most of the night in-fact.

Yet, as soon as the headliners MOSES stepped out you could tell they were much more comfortable and assured on stage with an indisputable raw energy and polished sound. Much of this raw energy came from frontman Victor who owned the stage, bouncing about it with arms outstretched, belting out the lyrics in his very unique and memorable vocal delivery and even getting into the crowd at one point. The tunes were just as energetic, all of which had choruses that I found stuck in my head for the days after the gig. Each band member gave their all, but I do have to give a shout out to the guitarist whose explosive work on the fretboard really bolstered their already massive sound. This is a band who definitely thrive in the live setting and were clearly having a blast up on the stage. I suggest you stop what you’re doing and go buy tickets to see them, or at least go and give them a listen as these lads have a very bright future.

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