Beatstream's Top Manchester Bands To Look Out For In 2019

12th December 2018

As the end of the year is approaching, there are quite a few bands across a variety of genres that look set to take 2019 by storm. With their diverse range of sound shaping the next era of Manchesters music scene and injecting into it its next lease of life, here are 5 artists that should be on your radar and who we think will take 2019 by the neck of the guitar and make you want to turn the speakers up to 11.

Beatstream's Top Manchester Bands To Look Out For In 2019

The Blinders

Originally from Doncaster, now rooted in Manchester and on the back of a thunderous first album, The Blinders are set to kick down the door of 2019 with their ear-piercing and powerful politically charged sound that causes mayhem live. Thomas, Matt and Charlie, all in their teens, embody the essence of punk - a youthful outfit saying and playing what they want creating a sound that makes you want to run and start a revolution.


Poetic lyrics with a funky bass and bright guitar combo, just one hell of a good vibe, this four-piece from Glossop are killing it at the minute after their recent release “Something Beautiful” thats blown up with over quarter of a million listens on Spotify. Josh, Dom, Henry and Matt already have a devoted fanbase which is evident in having a near sell out Albert hall date on their 2019 tour. With this fanbase ever-expanding Larkins look primed to be the next big thing from Manchester in 2019.

Ist Ist Ist Ist are a post-punk band that have been on the slow build in the Manchester scene for quite a while now, but now after the release of their EP Spinning Rooms they look about ready to break through. The haunting vocals of frontman Adam Houghton strike into your soul and the hypnotic melodies of are reminiscent of Joy Division, but their heavier, darker tone sets them apart from anyone coming through at the moment.

The Navettes

The soothing collaboration of male and female lead vocalists Abbey and Tom of Navettes creates for an interesting dynamic, a dynamic which has been proven successful for bands like The XX. When you combine this with their synthy dream pop aesthetic and some catchy lyrics, you’d expect big things in 2019.


Indie Anthems anyone? Dantevilles latest self-titled EP, screams out to be Manchester next wave of bouncing, creative indie music. With their snappy lyricism, jangling guitars and a vibe reminiscent of Sundara Karma or Blossoms, these lads from Manchester are poised to set the world alight. You should definitely keep them on your radar as 2019 looks like the year as a Dantevilles album could be on the cards and if their EP is anything to go off its gonna be one hell of an album.

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