Beatstream's Single of the Week - The Claremont’s - Clearer Than Ever

16th August 2019

Is anyone else missing that funky Manc twang of the 90s? A lot of bands coming through in Manchester today are seemingly distancing themselves from the mould of the cities greatest in order to try to break it and establish a new sound. Whilst there’re many bands that are better off for doing this, am I not the only one who wants some not to? To make music that harkens back to the heroes of the city but then infuse it with a modern ideas and a youthful vigour. Well, I was just casually listening to a new music playlist the other week and I discovered The Claremont’s, who do all of this in abundance on their latest single “Clearer Than Ever.”

Beatstream's Single of the Week - The Claremont’s - Clearer Than Ever

The track hits you straight away with a choppy jangling guitar and a tingling percussion that bookends the verses and really establishes the tracks undeniable groove. A groove that is only intensified as the guitar cuts out to some slick bass licks and Finn Gildeas unique spoken word vocal delivery (something that truly sets the band out from the pack for me) which especially shines in the heavier chorus with his passionate shouts of perspective. The lyrics themselves offer an optimistic view on our modern society, for example “the pressures of the age amounting, but it won’t get you down” and “can’t see the dark for the flowers” all pointing towards taking a positive viewpoint, to see the good in the world.

One of my favourite aspects about the track is the little embellishments added to the instrumentation between verses, the little licks here and there that John Squire would be proud of. I’d love the band to explore these ideas as they are clearly starting to on this track as it adds so much fun and depth to a track.

“Clearer Than Ever” is in my opinion the bands best track to date, its playful, funky and I defy anyone listening to it not to have a little boogy in their chair in work, in their car or even whilst. Top tune and I cant wait for more.

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