Beatstream Single of the Week - Déjà Vega - Mr. Powder

29th May 2019

During my scouring through the latest tracks from the bands coming through in Manchester, I came across ‘Mr. Powder’ and I was immediately rocking along in my chair. Déjà Vega is made up of guitarist/vocalist - Jack Fearon, drummer - Tom Webster and bassist - Mike Newton and the trios latest epitomises the sometimes unforgiving nature of factory work and vocalist Jacks experience at said factories. The job absorbed his personal life and he found himself at the command of a boss who would to whistle at them to keep them in line, the whistling was met with calls of “Don’t whistle at me Mr Powder, I’m a man, not a dog” and the title of the track was born. As well as shortly being followed by dismissal… Quality.

Beatstream Single of the Week - Déjà Vega - Mr. Powder

The music itself has a blistering pace throughout, with bass and drums connecting in a rhythm like a churning motor. To complement this the lyrics and guitar harmonise to a repetitive effect. According to the band this “motorik rhythm and repetitive lyric reflect the relentless speed and drone from the factory.” Undercutting these repeated phrases are some fantastic instrumentals, which trespass into psychedelic territory in the tracks incendiary climax where Jack is absolutely shredding his guitar.

It seems to be a belter of a live track and you can catch it at any number of the bands upcoming dates which include festivals like Tramlines and Blackthorn. Also check the track out yourself below:

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