Beatstream Reviews - TV Dream - Larkins

21st February 2019

Nearly two years ago, at Dot 2 Dot festival in town, I saw a band called Larkins leave the Ruby Lounge in awe. With their vintage 80s style synths and groovy bass, alongside poetic lyrics, my mates and I were stunned that we’d wandered upon such a gem. A feeling I’m sure was mutual with the rest of the crowd. Nowadays, they’re living up to the expectations and are on a meteoric rise. With a huge headline date at Manchesters Albert Hall on the horizon, the band have released a new single titled “TV Dream” and it is special.

Beatstream Reviews - TV Dream - Larkins

The track has a dreamy synth vibe throughout, reminiscent of their Manc contemporaries Pale Waves and The 1975. Alongside this is a chorus that features some tasty pop hooks that’ll nestle in your head and stay there without any intention of leaving. If their last few singles are anything to go off, these catchy hooks are something the band are becoming very accustomed to penning. The track really exemplifies the developing talents these lads have for songwriting, especially in the lyrical department as the song has a clear message about the changing notion of romantic relationships and how the media has influenced this. In the words of frontman Josh Noble, the song is based on “the idea that romance and dancing has lost its appeal and vigour from what it used to be. Instead, when we turn on the TV we see these visions of gender inequality, and sexism based on the way people dress.” This shows the mature approach Josh takes, he doesn’t want to just have meaningless lyrics that take a side note to the music, he wants them both to complement each other.

Larkins are becoming a force to be reckoned with, and with each new release they are showcasing their unique ability to create catchy music with a distinct groove. With an album on the way this year they are primed for take off and I for one cant wait to see what the lads can produce.

Go see for yourself

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