Beatstream Reviews - The Blinders - O2 Ritz Manchester

1st May 2019

Where to begin… I guess I could start with how my legs haven’t been fully functional since Saturday, perhaps how I’ve not seen three people on a stage make such a riot since I last saw Muse, or maybe just how massive it is for these lads to finally have a headline show at a historic venue like the Ritz. Either way, The Blinders are only on their way up and they deserve everything they’re getting. Their first album (Colombia), released late last year, carried with it a heavy, brooding atmosphere and rebellious songs reminiscent of a heavier, humbug-era Arctic Monkeys. It did this all, whilst taking inspiration from one of my favourite novels - George Orwell’s 1984. It hooked me on the first listen and now I finally had a chance to see them live.

Beatstream Reviews - The Blinders - O2 Ritz Manchester

After the lights dimmed, an array of politically charged speech snippets intermingled with Gene Wilders “Pure Imagination” speech from Willy Wonka, boomed through the speakers. The three then took to the stage, with lead singer Tom Haywood sporting his signature black face-paint, kicking things off right away fan favourites “Gotta Get Through” and “Brave New World” as well as one of their older songs “Ramona Flowers” all of which set the mood of the gig straight away - controlled chaos.

After, they transitioned into a new track “Wither”, which went down in a similar fashion. This along with the other new tracks the lads played “Forty days & Forty Nights” (My personal favourite of the three) and “Lunatic with a Loaded Gun” present a changing sound from “Colombia”, though it does still maintain what the fans love about them. If these songs are any indicator of the sound of the next album, I can’t wait for its release.

Other standouts amongst the set were the “L’Etat C’est Moi,” “Brutus” and the last track “Swine” all of which turned the Ritz into battleground, no mans land opening left and right with soldiers ready to run in at the sound of the guitar. It was the best kind of mayhem and showcased the love the fans have for this band.

This will be one that will stay with the band for the rest of their lives, as its one that shows that they are more than ready and capable to take the next step in their musical careers. I can’t say a bad word about it and I will be making sure I see them again at every given opportunity.

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