BEATSTREAM REVIEWS - Tamsyn - Forever is Now

5th March 2019

Slow down and live in the moment is the idea that TAMSYN are advocating with their latest release “Forever is Now.”

BEATSTREAM REVIEWS - Tamsyn - Forever is Now

The band, comprised of Alexander Anton (Vocals and bass), Michael Penfold (Rhythm Guitar), Phil Hammill (Lead Guitar), Andrian Sharples (Bass / Third Guitar) and Luke Finch (Drums), have been on the rise for the past few years after being featured on BBC Introducing, getting to the finals of Soundwaves Music Competition 2016 and having over 80,000 views on the video of their second EP single ‘The Only One’. Now the band is fresh off a headline show in Athens and have released this latest single.

The lyrics and song itself are inspired by the Emily Dickinson poem “Forever is composed of nows.” In which Dickinson delves into how the now should be celebrated and treasured as all of the past was once a now and all the future will one day be a now. The band conveys this with lines like “Woke up today, I’ve been living too fast, yesterdays gone, but the memories last.” With these links to literature, they are showing a sophistication to their writing, exploring abstract ideas instead of clichés. The track also features punchy and persistent guitar riffing that combines with a pounding drum beat to give song a real driving feeling of forward momentum, which mirrors the bands feeling about living in the now as time is forever moving forward, but it also gives the tune truly danceable vibe. Also the chorus is anthematic and even if its just three words its bloody catchy, I’ve been finding myself bursting it out at random points the past few days.

These lads are passionate about making their songs have a deeper meaning and if they continue to put this much thought into the tracks they are making then they could produce some music with a lot of substance and I for one am looking forward to more.

So go out there and live in the now by blasting this tune from your speakers.

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