Beatstream Reviews - Dot 2 Dot Festival 2019

31st May 2019

Dot 2 Dot is notoriously the place where the some of the UKs best new talent take over the cities of Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol in a celebration of the future of Music. In the past, the festival has housed some of todays top artists - the likes of The XX, Ed Sheeran and The 1975 to name a few - started off playing inside the walls of the same venues the bands playing on Friday did. It gives the festival a unique buzz, as there’s nothing better seeing a band you’ve never heard of live and watching them absolutely smash a set. But, that also means it’s a nightmare deciding who to see, is it too much to ask to be at multiple venues at once? Yeah, probably…

Beatstream Reviews - Dot 2 Dot Festival 2019

Once we’d agreed we went to go see Heavy Lungs at Gorilla, and speaking of smashing a set, they caused mayhem. The punk outfit were ones that I’d heard about but never listened to and they were everything I wanted them to be: intense, unruly and tireless on stage, jumping about to their own thunderous bass-lines and pulsating drumbeats. The shouty, punk delivery of the frontman did occasionally make him hard to understand, however for a band of this ferocity a delivery like that is needed. Will definitely be keeping an eye on them.

Next up, we decided to pop into the Ritz to catch a taste of King No-One, one of the most exciting bands about at the minute. Before we’d even stepped inside you could hear the legion of teenagers the band had brought, screaming each song word for word, in fact the love and energy in the room meant we ended up staying longer than we’d planned. Best track was undeniably the ‘Alcatraz’ as well as being the one met with the highest pitch scream.

We then had to get a jog on over to Albert Hall to catch the band I was most looking forward to seeing - The Night Café. The Liverpool lads are a band who I’ve been onto for quite a while but had yet to see, and with their debut album coming out in a few months it was a great chance to hear some of the new material live. For me, they were the best band of the day. Their infectious brand of feel good indie-pop resonated perfectly with the audience which was the best of the day. I particularly enjoyed the soothing new track ‘Endless Lovers’ as well as the amorous groove of the bands staple track - ‘Mixed Signals.’ The band play the same venue very soon and I think I may have to grab tickets.

Yet, it was at this point realised I’d lost my wristband… meaning I had to stay in Albert Hall. Not that I was complaining however, as there was two fantastic bands up next - Swim Deep and Crystal Fighters.

Swim Deep provided the Albert Hall with a stellar set of singalong indie-pop tunes causing quite a few big singalongs and just created nice chilled out atmosphere. One track that really blew me away was their new single - ‘To Feel Good.’ A gospel backed, spoken word track that played out like a revealing stream of consciousness from frontman Austin. It reminded me quite a bit of their fellow Brum, Mike Skinner, and the similar way he approached some early Streets tracks. It was class and I can’t wait to see what the other new material is like.

From there, Crystal Fighters took quite a different approach. They turned Albert Hall into a party, coming onto the bounce of ‘I Love London’ and from the second they were on stage they created a vibe, getting everyone grooving.The tracks that followed maintained the vibe, ‘Follow’ and ‘Boomin’ in your Jeep’ being clear standouts for me. It’s fair to say Crystal Fighters provided everyone in the crowd with a platform to just let loose and have a good boogy; ending a fantastic day of music in the best style.

Dot 2 Dot hold a special place in my heart and for 15 quid you can’t say no, a great day of music that’s turns the city into its own little indie community. Purple wristbands and pissed up Mancs, what more could you want?

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