Beatstream reviews- Blood Moon by Masa Diora

31st January 2019

Masa Diora are a Manchester based three-piece made up of Johnty Lodge (Lead Guitar), Callum Jackson (Keys / Synth / Vocals) and George Knowles (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals). In mid-December they released their second single “Blood Moon” which I had discovered recently and loved.

Beatstream reviews- Blood Moon by Masa Diora

This band, however, is somewhat of an enigma, they are interweaving the trippy low-fi music they’re making with the psychedelic tale of Lawrence Blight, an 80s sci-fi inspired fiction of the bands creation. In which Lawrence designs a computer game to escape the monotonous daily routine and becomes obsessed. He then develops a technology to enhance the ‘playing experience’ and realises that “once you enter you don’t come back.”

This gives the band a truly original aesthetic which, if the quality of tunes continue, has the potential to translate into some truly inventive music and a live show packed with some crazy visuals.

Blood Moon itself is a rather gorgeous mental trip of a track, starting off with hallucinogenic keys which are supplemented by subtle guitar licks and mellow vocals. This then explodes into an emotional chorus that expresses a fear of struggling alone. Similarly to their first single (You Don’t Love Me) Masa Diora incorporate a snippet from a speech, but this time, one about the negative effects that psychedelic drugs can incur such as manic depression. The way they fade out using a delay could be Masa Diora showing us Lawrence blight is falling into this hole. The track also ends with a wonderful, cosmic instrumental reminiscent of something made by Tame Impala.

Masa Diora are an extremely interesting band and seem to be taking the time to really incorporate this aesthetic they’ve created into their music, making sure its of the best quality. I for one can’t wait to see them unravel their tale of psychedelic wonder.

Give “Blood Moon” a listen here and show Masa Diora some support.


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