Beatstream Reviews - Best Things by The Boston Shakers

12th February 2019

Geographical and musical diversity come together for a whirlwind of riotous tunes in The Boston Shakers new EP “Wasted.” By the name of the EP the influence behind the tunes is apparent, as these six lads (Alex - Vocals, Bean - DJ/Backing Vocals, Lucas - Beats, Will - Guitar, Nathan - Bass and J Dog - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals) who used to work as Bartenders in Liverpool are drawing inspiration from the mad nights they’ve shared together. One of the best things about this band is how they’ve thrown off the shackles that sticking to genre can impede. Instead they fuse the variety of their individual musical interests into a concoction of originality and a track I think really conveys this the most is “Best Things.”

Beatstream Reviews - Best Things by The Boston Shakers

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The tune starts of thunderously with a simple but effective bluesy rock riff, reminiscent of The Black Keys, giving the song a bouncing vibe. Then the vocals kick in and you’re catapulted into a slick flow of clever bars that epitomise the madness of a night out drinking. This then erupts into a chorus that when played live I’m sure causes a sweaty, adrenaline fuelled singalong (Though I am yet to see these guys live myself, the reviews are raving and you can tell just by listening, just how well they will translate to the live setting, causing I’m sure, a full blown riot.) Nearer the end of the song it gets switched up again, with the sampling and drum loops coming into play and the song turning almost into a hip-hop/trap beat. However, this bands excellent blending of genres coming into play again as this beat is supplemented by some subtle yet rather lavish guitar riffing that brings to song to a close.

The song itself is almost like an embodiment of a night out, with a heavy start that gets increasingly louder and quicker until the end where it suddenly calms down and your sat there without much clue what just happened but you know you loved it. Making you want to go again and again.

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