Beatsream Reviews - Larkins - Albert Hall

8th March 2019

Manchester Band the Larkins headlined The Albert Hall last weekend. Supported by The Lottery Winners and Plastic House. Beatstream’s Tom Hirst reports from the night.

Beatsream Reviews - Larkins - Albert Hall

As I walked into Albert Hall last Saturday, it felt different, almost special. Perhaps due to how I’ve been following Larkins for a couple years now and their success makes me feel proud as these lads definitely deserve it. But I think the real reason was the sheer energy and anticipation exuding from everyone in the room. Because tonight was about some of the people with the potential to be the new generation of Manchesters music, mainly attended by the teens who would be listening it in the years come. It gave me flashbacks to when I was 15/16 watching bands like Blossoms come through the ranks, it was a celebration of things to come, as for all the bands who played on Saturday, in my opinion, can only get bigger and better.

The dance floor was already packed out for the first support, Stockport’s ‘Plastic House.’ These lads started the night off with a bang, getting the crowd very giddy with their energetic and anthematic tunes. ‘Sober’ was a stand out for me, a track which I’m sure at the bands own gigs causes a full blown singalong with relatable lyrics that come belting out of front man Oliver Podmores mouth. Definitely a band to keep your eye on.

Next up was the infectious ‘Lottery Winners’, The infectiousness of these guys comes not only from the bands joyous and danceable tunes that come with some amazing lyrics, but from the bands frontman Thomas Rylance. He embodied the essence of Manchester and owned the stage from the second he stepped out onto it getting the audience riled up and jumping about in the pit whilst also providing many a laugh. Stand out for me was ‘Thats not Entertainment’ with its instrumental reminiscent of a heavier Mac DeMarco and a chorus that catchy as hell. Get onto this band, but go see them live, you wont regret it.

Now… onto the main event. Webp.net resizeimage 2 On walk Larkins to a sea of screaming fans and you can tell by the looks on these guys faces how blown away by it all they are. The second they kick into the first track the sea of fans turns into a barrage of choppy waves smashing against each other and creating a storm of shameless celebration. The band played a fantastic set of songs both old and new, their hits like Hit and Run, Sugar Sweet and my personal favourite Wasted Years (one groovy as hell track with some sensational work by the bassist and drummer that was also rounded off with a fantastic instrumental) all got a staggering response from the audience, who knew all the words and screamed it back amidst the chaos. TV. Dream went down in a similar fashion and shows the band are continuing to make quality tunes. Larkins also played some unreleased tracks which showed lots of potential and have me very excited for their next releases. After the encore the band finish with their biggest track to date ‘Something Beautiful.’ The whole of Albert Hall erupts, leaving everyone begging for it not to be over.

For a band without an album out to come to the Albert Hall and put on a show like that speaks volumes about not only their ability, but the connection they have with their fans. Larkins are on a meteoric rise and this gig demonstrated the sheer potential these guys have. Go and listen to them, tell all your mates about them and see them live, you wont regret it and will be one of the ones saying how you knew them before they were big.


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